Our People

James Hague, Managing DirectorJames Hague, Managing Director

30 years’ R&D experience with The BioComposites Centre (UK), Australia’s premier research organisation, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and AFRC. Has experience in managing large research groups, with wide ranging personal research interests including the utilisation of agri-based and recycled materials for composites, the durability of composite materials, and VOC emissions from wood-based materials.

Jim Creffield, Senior ScientistJim Creffield, Senior Scientist

44 years’ R&D experience with CSIRO and AFRC. A world renowned forest products entomologist with extensive experience in developing products and construction systems by improving their resistance to insect and fungal attack. Has been at the forefront of the development of rapid and robust methods for assessing the durability of building and construction materials against attack by insects and fungi.

Jenny Carr, Laboratory ManagerJenny Carr, Laboratory Manager

29 years’ R&D experience with CSIRO and AFRC. Has technical experience in a variety of research areas, notably in analytical chemistry and in the last 12 years managing and conducting laboratory bioassays for determining the resistance of materials against attack by termites, wood boring beetles and fungi.